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The CSPWC's AGM will be held this Saturday at the historic Arts and Letters Club on Elm Street in Toronto.  The Society had its roots in this building, a favourite location for members of the Group of Seven to gather and socialize.

The AGM allows both CSPWC elected members and associates to come together to conduct the business of the Society and to update everyone on current and planned events.

It has been customary for a presentation from one of its members following lunch.  This year, Ron Hazell will be speaking about his work and his journey with watercolours.  I'm particularly looking forward to hearing him!

I'll let you know how it goes! 

(posted on 10 Aug 2016)

Although I never think of it at the time, only afterwards, I often wonder how painting gives us the ability to put aside all the worries and distractions of the day and allow us to focus on only what is before us on the canvas or paper. Where I am is where my brush is and where my brain is, is where my eyes are! When I think of it, what a gift that is!

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